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Death Doesn't Get The Final Word

Yesterday was the four year anniversary of my father's passing. He was in the ICU in Concord, North Carolina on life support; hospice informed me that if anyone wanted to say their goodbyes, they needed to do so quickly.

I called my elder daughter and told her that if she wanted to see her grandfather one more time, she needed to come with haste, as Concord is about a three-and-a-half hour drive from the Roanoke Valley. She was at work in Blacksburg and her manager gave her the rest of the shift off to make the trip; however, I was worried about her making the drive under such emotional duress, so a co-worker agreed to drive her down in her car, and then take her car back to her apartment in Blacksburg.

That co-worker became a friend, who became a boyfriend, and in May of 2018, they married. Of all the things the Cross says and does, one important one is that it's the biggest example that God brings good out of evil. I suspect these two lovebirds would have gotten married even if events had transpired differently. I also suspect things happened the way they did because the Lord loves to remind us that death doesn't get the final word.

As one theologian put it: "Grace makes beauty out of ugly things."

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